Parenting done right: The Why? game

The Unexpecting Dad brings you examples of parenting done right: notes, images or other media that shows some dude somewhere get an A++ on his parenting report card. Fathers  we salute you, go forth and kick ass at Dadhood.

Today, Professor brings his A-game: Parenting done right: The Why? game

The Why? game

It’s a bit of a cliche that children always ask ‘why?’ to everything when they reach a certain stage of their lives. They take you – the unsuspecting dimwit – down a never ending spiral of ‘why?’ until you are exasperated, exhausted and on edge.

This Chemistry Professor/Dad keeps his cool throughout with his daughter Sarah, and educates her to the point of winning at ‘why?’.


A++ Stephen McNeil, the Unexpecting Dad Salutes you!


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