Parenting done right: The Artist Father

The Unexpecting Dad brings you examples of parenting done right: notes, images or other media that shows some dude somewhere get an A++ on his parenting report card. Fathers  we salute you, go forth and kick ass at Dadhood.

Today, an Artist brings the awesome every day for his kids: Parenting done right: Graphic Designer Dad Illustrates His Kids’ Lunch Bags Almost Every Day

Part of being a good parent is letting your kid know that you care and that they are important. Well, David LaFerriere brings the awesome and kicks ass every day in the parenting game by illustrating his kids lunch bags with unique and entertaining characters and designs EVERY DAY SINCE 2008.

That’s a lot of drawings and creativity on display, The Unexpecting Dad dreams of being able to bring that type of consistency to anything!

A++ David LaFerriere , the Unexpecting Dad Salutes you!


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